Friday, June 10, 2005


I intend this blog as a place to write about issues in Philadelphia. I used the City of Phiadelphia's motto, "Philadelphia Maneto," as the title of the blog for a very simple reason. This is a city that so many people malign and criticize, but they would have to admit that they love it very much. With that, it's important to remember that the city's motto translates roughly into English as "Let the City of Brotherly Love Continue."

I hope to share ideas here about city governance, development, planning and design. You will also find rants of all kinds about just living here - which is never dull because of the amazing variety of people here.

Enjoy...share your thoughts, etc.
R. Chas. Caviglia


Blogger Bill Mac said...


I think I'm looking for you! Diy you write an article about housing at Broad and Wagner for the New Colonist a few years ago? I wanted to let you know that more than a few of us ex-Loganites found this picture of Broad and Lindley whilst looking for Logan material on the Internet. The picture of Broad Street is one I wish I took when I lived there from 59-83. I walked Broad from Holy Child as a tyke until 68, when we moved to the 5100 of 15th Street (right around the corner from Logan subway) til ‘83. it makes my mouth water to see these houses are still going for a pittance down there, but the place was showing signs of urban decay back in ‘80. I still love the area and tour it whenever I can, which is more than a couple times a year. Anyway, thanks for putting a shot in there that still takes the breath away. It was the best place in Philly to grow up.


Bill McCaffrey

07 November, 2005 13:43  

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