Sunday, February 12, 2006

Back from Seeming Oblivion

My impression re my blog, and I think it's a rather accurate one, is that relatively few people have seen it, let alone read it. However, should there be someone out there in Internetland that has been obsessively checking Philadelphia Maneto for updates over the last six months - I am back. There are those that might wonder, "Why such a long absence?" Well, you see I was on a sabattical from my blogging duties - one has no idea how challenging writing blog posts are until they undertake such endeavours themselves. Okay, this is all just me being random. The reality is that life got busier and other stuff.

But we're back, baby. And I hope to post more frequently - there are certainly no less issues about which I could write. Philadelphia has a way of making sure it never gets boring one way or another.

My best to any readers as this new year picks up momentum. Thanks for taking a look from time-to-time.


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